Throwback to WOW!house 2023 – London’s, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

Story / Talking Shades / Clare Grant / 19 May 2024

Our lampshades found their place in the Morning Room at WOW!house 2023, where Waldo Works harnessed the beauty of De Gournay’s hand-painted designs, to create a serene sanctuary that married the whimsy of nature with the elegance of artistry.

And, the Day Room, brought to life by the esteemed Tim Mather, in collaboration with Miles de Lange and Alexander Lamont and adorned with Lauren Hwang New York’s sumptuous textiles. Together, they spun a rich tapestry of texture and heritage, casting the space in an aura of contemporary opulence and enduring style.

Morning room by Waldo Works

Day room by Tim Mather

Fabulous photography by James McDonald

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

WoW!House @designcentrech