Talking lampshades with Polly Sturgess for Redman Whiteley Dixon

Story / Talking Shades / Fiona Blake / 08 Dec 2016

A Shade Above recently worked with Polly Sturgess (POD Interior Style) to produce a series of bespoke, handmade lampshades for two luxury motor yachts; Lady Britt and Baton Rouge. We met with Polly to get her view on lampshades and lighting.

Does Redman Whitely Dixon have a philosophy on lighting?

We have learnt a great deal about the subtlety and delicacy needed in lighting. The shades can add an element of detail and playfulness.

How important is the impact of lampshades within a space?

It adds the all important finishing touch and can be a source of interest and detail that makes our interior sing.

Do you have a specific style or focus when designing lampshades?

We love to chat and consult A Shade Above and glean knowledge in how best to create the very best look for our shades. Their experience is invaluable. All of our projects are so different from each other that all shades are piece by piece.

What has been one of your most challenging projects and why?

A Motorboat with a ceiling mounted amoebic shade arrangement was wonderfully detailed and crafted, the results spoke for themselves and A Shade Above delivered a great product.

How do you know when a lampshade is a success?

People notice them, and they do the interior justice.

Redman Whiteley Dixon

Motor Yacht 'Baton Rouge' POD Interior Style

Motor Yacht 'Lady Britt' POD Interior Style