Philosophy on Lighting with Helen Green Design

Story / Talking Shades / Fiona Blake / 20 Dec 2016

The impact of lampshades on space and why Helen Green uses bespoke lampshades with carefully selected fabrics to compliment the overall interior design.

Is there a specific ‘Helen Green’ philosophy on lighting?

Lighting is always one of the most important considerations in Helen Green Design projects and using a combination of lighting solutions is crucial to creating an atmosphere that complements the interior design of the space; ambient, accent and task lighting are all used to highlight individual design details and to add character to the space. Lighting designs are chosen to complement the rest of the scheme; be it a metallic frame or a fabric shade, each element is carefully considered to create a layered space rich in colour and texture.

How important is the impact of lampshades on space?

A lampshade should be sympathetic to the rest of the scheme which is why we look for bespoke options which use our carefully selected fabrics. It also enables us to proportion the shades to the correct size to suit complement the space.

Do you have a specific style or focus in designing lampshades?

Lampshades shouldn’t make a statement in a space although they are a good way to use an accent colour, be it on the main fabric or the trim.

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