Martin Brudnizki (MBDS) Philosophy On Lampshades

Story / Talking Shades / Fiona Blake / 17 Jan 2017

We met with Martin Brudnizki (MBDS) to find out his philosophy on lampshades and and how he uses bespoke lampshades in interior lighting design.

What is the MBDS philosophy on lighting?

Lighting is an integral part of any interior scheme; from encouraging the act of relaxation to enhancing the original qualities of a space. At MBDS lighting is always at the forefront of our minds, it can make or break a project! We like to mix high level lighting, including chandeliers, pendants and wall lights, with low level lighting such as table and floor lamps. The culmination creates ambience and a sense of intimacy.

How important is the impact lampshades have on space?

Lampshades are as important as the lamps themselves; at MBDS they are very much part of a full FF&E design scheme. Adding pleated detailing and trims provide an additional layer to our projects.

Do you have a specific style of focus when designing lampshades?

Styles tend to vary depending on the project. We try to mix up different shapes, sizes and styles within a project to help create a feeling that each piece has been collected over time rather than installed all at once. We like eclectic pieces which can help tell a story.

How do you use lampshades in your work?

We generally use lampshades as a way of introducing an additional layer of detail to our schemes. For low level lighting, we try to ensure there is a table or floor lamp close to each seating group, so there is a low intimate lighting level throughout the space. We also try to ensure these are not an afterthought, as you are usually at eye level with the fittings. Finally, adding trims, pleats and / or wrapping finials can add another level of luxury.

What has been on of your most challenging or successful projects and why?

Each project has its challenges! But when it comes to lighting and lampshades, the projects which feature lots of antiques can be tricky. Each lamp will need a unique fitting – not one is the same! With any project we must always consider how each fitting will sit and interact with the rest of the fittings.

What are you working on now?

We’re currently working on lots of projects, including one which features lots of tassels and trims so it’s been fun playing around with samples, finding which finishes will work best and with what lampshade!

How do you know when lampshades are a success?

We aim to create interiors that feel timeless and as though they have been there forever. For us, if the lampshades effortlessly blend into their surroundings then we are happy!

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