Bespoke Lamp Shade Design Tips Part 4: Simplifying The Specification Process

Story / Talking Shades / Fiona Blake / 14 May 2019

In part four of our “Design Tips” series, our MD Fiona Ascroft offers up some valuable advice for designers, based on the questions we get asked most often.

How can I minimise the technical stuff?

It will really help you to be ahead in recording and finding out about fitting details of your lamp.

The more you can get together in advance the simpler the specifying process will be for your bespoke lamp shades.

Take a photo of the bare lamp with a tape measure next to it. Keep a photo of the lamp with its existing shade on and record the measurements for reference.

We often get calls from designers at the beginning of a project – discussing the custom requirements we can help hone down the detail required and therefore simplify the specifying process at an early stage. For example, you can decide at this stage whether you want to use fixed fittings or duplex fittings that offer more flexibility on installing your lamp shades.

Lots of designers find it useful, if they have a big project or just want to refresh their lamp shade portfolio, to get A Shade Above to meet their team with samples, photos and fabrics.

We would be happy to join you on site.

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