Toolbox Fixtures

A Shade Above can make bespoke ceiling drop pendants and wall-fittings according to your specification in a variety of metal finishes. Here are some examples:

Tabletop lampshade base

Ceiling pendant fixture

Chandelier lampshade fixture

Toolbox Swatchbook

Over the years we have established a really beautiful collection of fabrics and backings for lampshades. We can also source silk and linen on your behalf and work with your own fabric. Swatches are zoomed in to clearly show the various textures. Colours may vary slightly from screen to screen and serve as an indication only. Please contact usto request our swatchbook.

Pure Silk

Silk, Linen & Cotton

PVC Interiors

Basic Card & Parchment

Toolbox Fittings

Please consider this fittings guide when planning your lampshade design. We really are bespoke so we have the facilities and expertise to replicate, remake and refurbish practically all sizes and styles of lampshades. If in doubt take some photographs of example lampshades. We can discuss these with you and confirm the dimensions we need.


Candle Clip

Can be set straight across the top or dropped down as required. Please specify your preferred drop.

Fittings Guide Lampshade Fitting

Used with US harps or a US finial rod system. The fitting on the lampshade is often set straight across or dropped down by a little. Please specify.

Fittings Guide Ceiling Lampshade

Washers can be 42mm (ES), 28mm (BC or SES) or 20mm (SBC). Please stipulate how low you would like the washer to be set.

Fittings Guide Fixed Lampshade

Wired from the top. Washers can be 42mm (ES), 28mm (BC or SES) or 20mm (SBC). Please stipulate how high you would like the washer to be set.

Fittings Guide Base Lampshade

Washers can be 42mm (ES), 28mm (BC or SES) or 20mm (SBC). Stipulate how high you need the washer to be set.

Fittings Guide Duplex Lampshade

Carrier for Lampshades


Use the carrier with the duplex fitting. Carriers come with either a 42mm (ES) washer or a 28mm (BC) washer.


Finial Fitting

10mm Internal Diameter

Small Bayonet Cap for Lampshades

20mm Internal Diameter

British Standard Edison Screw

28mm Internal Diameter

European Edison Screw for Lampshades

42mm Internal Diameter

Toolbox Styles

We really can make any lampshade shape, size and style. You may already have an idea of the shape and dimensions you require and here is a Lampshade Design Toolbox or guide to help with some more of the detail you can specify.

1. Choose a style

There are two main ways in which your shade can be constructed. Choosing this first, will help direct your choice of fabric, edging, finish and interior.

For all our shades we can provide the fabric or you can supply your own. We can also work with you to help specify suitable fittings for your lampshades.

Soft shades

Your fabric is stretched, pleated or gathered around a metal framework and then hand-stitched and finished at the top and bottom. Here are some examples:

Laminated shades

Your fabric is laminated carefully by hand onto a choice of backings giving a clean-lined, contemporary look. Here are some examples:

2. Choose an interior

For classic hand-stitched styles line with stretched or gathered fabric.

For contemporary laminated styles we offer a range of beautiful PVC interiors.

Soft shade linings

We can use a standard lampshade lining fabric or a fabric of your choice. Here are some examples:

Laminated shade interiors

Colours include white, gold/silver (matt or shiny), champagne, copper or translucent. We can also laminate fabric or wallpaper to the interior. Here are some examples:

3. Think about your edging

It’s all in the finishing touches. Keep it simple with a self-trim, contrasting trim or rolled edge. Go wild with stunning braids and fringing, buttons and bows, frills, feathers and beads.

Soft shade edges

A stitched shade is trimmed at the top and bottom. We usually make a binding with the main fabric or use a contrasting fabric. Here are some examples:

Laminated shade edges

The edges can be ‘rolled’ to give a clean modern look or trimmed in the same or contrasting fabric. Here are some examples:

Other specialised lampshades

In addition to the above classic and contemporary styles there are an array of other materials and techniques rather more specialised.

Paper, parchment, card

Standard card in white, china white, cream, black, burgundy or dark brown. We can colour match, spray in matt or gloss and use natural skins such as goat vellum, leather or eel skin. The shades below are made with our customer’s own stitched patterned paper. Here are some examples:

Luxurious feathers

Handmade in every respect, every feather is checked, trimmed and individually applied to achieve a thick sumptuous finish – a truly luxurious product. Here are some examples:

Raffia, string, ribbon

In natural or brown faux raffia. Ideal for conservatories and very popular in various hospitality installations such as restaurants and lounge bars. Here are some examples:


Request a quote for your unique lampshade and order a fabric swatchbook in a range of colours and materials.


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Lampshade Design Ideas

Here are some of the bespoke lampshades we have made over the years. Delve in and explore the gallery for lampshade design ideas.